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Rebecca at CB’s 313 Gallery – February 26, 2003 
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4 song EP
(copyright RT 2000) 
Produced by Boo Reiners. 

If you would like a copy of the EP, please e-mail me at rebeccamo34@gmail.com

Be a Man         lyric

Thank God            |  lyric

Last Hope           |   lyric

Specificity        lyric

Singles and guest appearances

Nobody Sees Me Like You Do, on Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko Ono

Duet with Bob Carr of The Swales (2010 single):   Something About Nothing      
(also feat. Christopher Bolger, Bob Cannon & Scott Anthony) 

The Infinite Glitch (2010 contribution):   RT and a toy xylophone, live at the Saturday Afternoon Song Swap 

Homeboy Steve (2008 single):   Tears Of Joy 

Nu-Sonics (2007 album):   The “Eureka” E.P. 

Coverville podcast (2007 single):   Dream On      (feat. Claudia Chopek, Scott Anthony & Alex Sniderman) 

Erica Smith (2002 album):   Friend or Foe 

Hank Anthony & Rebecca Turner (2001 single):   I Love You     

Kenny Young and the Eggplants (several albums) 

Wall mirror with teenager reflected in it
photo by Scott Anthony