The New Wrong Way
    NJ Arts – “…sophisticated, eclectic songs address issues of aging, perseverance, independence and self-awareness…poetic words create vivid character portraits delivered with a beautiful, delicate and nuanced voice…imbued with an appreciation of the impact of music on both performers and people who listen intensely.”
    Musikbloggen67 – “Another fantastic singer that I think is a bit like Emmylou Harris and a bit like Sheryl Crow. Simple and straightforward but beautiful in an even and easily accessible way.”
    Popmatters – “A remarkably cohesive set that is both contemplative and uplifting, The New Wrong Way is evidence that Turner remains as strong a writer as ever and maybe has even become a more accomplished one”
    Colorado Springs Independent – “Rebecca Turner’s unique delivery might be an acquired taste in timbre a la Victoria Williams, but the exceptional lyrics and arrangements in The New Wrong Way (Rebecca Turner) should win over a new roster of fans. Turner’s two albums in the early 2000s were well accepted, but this is her first album in a decade, and arguably her finest.”
    Seattle Post Intelligencer – “It was worth the wait for this record, which sounds redolent of early ’70s West Coast folk/rock. (Imagine a much more upbeat Judee Sill and you won’t be far off.) Jingle-jangle guitar is predominant in the backup, but there’s also enough pedal steel-and, on one track, banjo-to suggest a penchant for country.”
    Culture Sonar – “…songs whose easy tunefulness can almost make you forget how much meat is really on their bones.”
    Take Effect Reviews – “Turner brings a vast amount of influences to her first album in a decade and even more skill. An extremely poetic and thoughtful record, her kind of rootsy and mostly diverse Americana formula just might make her your new favorite singer-songwriter.”
    Anearful – “She manages to find deeply personal little details and turn them into songs so relatable you’ll think these things happened to you.”

Rebecca Turner Slowpokes

        Beat Surrender – “Slowpokes has plenty of sweet vocals, sparkling strings and West Coast warmth to raise the temperature.” 
        Americana U.K. – “…sounds like it has soaked up a lot of sun, and this translates to a warmth of sound and intention that is very endearing.” 
        Jersey Beat / The World According to Wawrzyniak – “Turner has a fine knack for crafting lyrics that are sharp and thoughtful…A very nice little jewel.” 
        All Music Guide – “Turner’s lyrics deal in subtle emotional shadings that mix the moody and the hopeful…” 

Land of my Baby Album Cover

  Land Of My Baby
        Americana U.K. – “…so charmingly is it done that it is easy to fall under its spell.” 

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