Last Hope

Copyright 2005 Rebecca Turner
Featured on the album: Land of My Baby

You’re my last hope…you don’t really look like anybody else.
You sprung up of a Saturday, sunny, 65 degrees.
You saw me looking in the mirror, and you said, “You look fine.”
I see it isn’t all about me, and time is slipping away.

You didn’t see me, I kept looking at you from the side,
and thinking I could care about you.
It’s just that feeling, I will take it with me all my life,
it’s still good without you.

Well, late at night I saw your bare feet and I held your hand.
I admire your violent arches and your modest little plan.
This is the part that has me worried: when I got home,
I threw myself down on the sofa, and I dreamed, and I moaned.

Well, that sort of stuff, it suits you with your wild side,
to think that way about you.
But even if you are the one who finally changes me,
I’ll do it without you.

So wrap it up and hand it over, and do it smooth.
I’ll be waiting, I’ll be working, for the shakedown and the truth.
And if it works, we’ll take a train ride, like I’ve always dreamed.
I even let you shut your green eyes, if you say something, anything,
before we go to sleep.