Sleep Duet

Copyright 2009 Rebecca Turner and Robert Scheffler
Featured on the album: Slowpokes

If I’d known what I was gonna dream, I wouldn’t have gone to bed…
Stayed up watching stupid TV, and read my book instead.
Have you ever found yourself alone, beside the one you love?
It’s easy when you dream about the place I was dreamin’ of.

What did you expect, getting mad so close to bed?
It wasn’t so bad what I said.
Oh, my little one…you’re the princess and the pea,

The window was open, we laughed as we opened it,
loving the little breeze.
Then words were exchanged and it all rearranged
in a milky moonlight freeze.

I didn’t know the place, and yet I knew it very well.
A city big with nighttime filled.
I had a basement flat, but I kept finding other rooms.
I was thrilled, but lonely too.

Sometimes I think you’d rather be alone. You’re hanging like a thread
on the edge of sadness, on your side of the bed.
What I want is what we usually have, you close against my back,
but I’m too crazy right now, and I’m not gonna crack.

We live together, we go to sleep together
and we fall asleep alone.
Maybe I’ll see you or maybe I won’t,
or you’re no one I have known.

If I’d known what I was gonna dream…a world without you…
I would have held your heart much tighter…tonight that’s what I’ll do.
I don’t really dream the way my baby does each night…tonight I’m gonna hold her tight.