Radio Way

Copyright 2005 Rebecca Turner
Featured on the album: Land of My Baby

Take a drive with me on a Saturday
and I will explain to you
all the things that I wanted to.
My dear, appear here in this park with me.
The sun’ll split us both in half, and we’ll have to come clean.
And then the shade takes over: It’s like 1983.
You’ll see…you’ll see my pedigree.
My dear, I’ll take you in my car today
up into the hills around to Radio Way.
I’ll show you where the music grows in bushes by day,
the lots where I found it at night.
Sit in my mother’s car, and tell your story:
Here’s the part where I wake up in New York.
Too good to get to, or not meant to be?
Unless I see it on T.V….here’s the part that I make up.
My dear, good morning, welcome to my room.
The earth shakes with precious love and green-gray gloom.
Sweet nothings to the ceiling…my heart’s a balloon.
How long will it stay up there?
I can’t believe you came here.
I’m always the same here.
I’ll take you on the freeway,
it’s the dark and free way.