Copyright 2009 Rebecca Turner
Featured on the album: Slowpokes

Water like glass, like white jelly on the rocks;

looks like time for me to finally take some knocks.

Holding my breath while the kids play a game,

and the roaring brook will not shut up your name.

Water slides down the flat rock.

You had such a soft body.

How I loved to hold it when I didn’t know what else to…

I got the love I needed at the time,

talked a lot on your dime.

Come on grey sky, open up….I’m missing my guy.

Wouldn’t you know, I grew up yesterday,

just in time for you to make your getaway.

Bark like paper from the birch falls away.

It’s up to me to try again some other day.

Losing my grip on this hill; a little thrill.

It’s good to know I loved you.

it’s good to have an answer, for which there were no questions.

I got the love I needed at the time.

now my time’s mine all mine.

Come on grey skies open up, I’m missin’ my guy,

And the worst part is knowing that your going

was my doing; there’s snow blowing around my heart.

As you were going from a giant to a dot

I just walked and walked around a parking lot.

Velvety green woods are so real;

lead me to a pretty place where I can kneel.

One arm behind me, one reaching ahead.

Even I’m impatient with this glory all around me.

I know we can’t be perfect.

I really need this moment to be the last of the old me.

Come on gray sky, open up, I’m leaving my guy.