Big Gray Cloud

Copyright 2005 Rebecca Turner
Featured on the album: Land of My Baby

My love’s not like, it is a big gray cloud
Hanging low and mean over you.
Well, it will drench you turn you inside out,
like it’s never rained before; oh, it barely knows what to do.

My love will miss the point; leave you cold and wet, but not enough
to let anything grow, or help you to forget.

My love’s not like, it is a big gray cloud.
It fills the world up without making a sound.
And with your nose against the glass you’re counting down.
How will you ever know if you should be even around?

My love will come and want to know what it can take.
It’ll ask everything of you, everything you hate.
It’ll hang around you like a great big paperweight,
partly wrong and partly true.

You don’t know what restless is, till you see me wait for you to move.
Just look up, and you’re gone.
I’ve got so much to lose.

Oh, my love’s not like, it is a big gray cloud.
If you know what’s good, you’ll get out.
I know in time that it will just dissolve,
but it’s hanging out for now.
I don’t feel like moving at all.