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Rebecca Turner’s music is a beat-up valise full of Laurel Canyon postcards, filled out with New York citygirl musings and country car-radio anthems. Her novelistic folk-rock is full of vivid imagery, happy/sad chords and unusual melodies that delight. Her soprano voice rings clear when surrounded by the sounds she grew up with in ’70s LA: jangly guitars, soaring pedal steel, dancing mandolin, and tight vocal harmonies; yet her songs possess a contemporary, quirky sensibility.

Since 2007 Rebecca with Deena Shoshkes (of The Cucumbers) have been hosting the Saturday Afternoon Song Swap, a gathering of NJ and NY area songwriters. Assembling once a month to share songs and stories with an ever-growing audience, the Swap has become a close-knit yet ever-expanding community that she’s wildly proud of.

Performing solo or with a stage-full of her talented friends, at house concerts or on street-corners, in coffee bars or clubs, for kids and for grownups, Rebecca brings the audience along on a musical road-trip up the coast; soaring to an upbeat song, or drawing in close to watch the sun set together.

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Rebecca Turner Slowpokes
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photo of Rebecca in Pioneertown, CA
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Rebecca Turner in the Studio
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