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Well, hello. It's 2016 now, and this is the year I finish writing and recording my next record. It's only been, oh, 8 years since the last one? I'm halfway through writing the songs, but they're coming faster now. (Everyone says that it's not important to make a "record" anymore; that people just put out songs now. I'm not totally sure this is right for me, but I'm mulling it over.)

So, what's new? I wrote and recorded this song recently as a tribute to Vin Scelsa and all my favorite DJs. I didn't know Vin was retiring at the time! This one will surely be on the next record when it comes out. I originally called the song "Idiot Tonight" (after his show, Idiot's Delight) but now it's morphed into just, affectionately, "Idiot."

I also fairly recently covered "Nobody Sees Me Like You Do" for a Yoko tribute album put together by my friend Tony Donato. The record and our song got a lot of good press...Here's a nice piece in the Aquarian that mentions my "back porch folkie swagger"!?! I also co-wrote a song called "One Kiss" with a talented singer-songwriter from South Orange, Tom Lucas. We've done it together at a few shows. Co-writing is odd but I am getting used to it!

You may or may not know that my husband Scott Anthony and I run Storybook Sound, a mastering studio (with mixing and recording on the side) here in NJ. He is an amazing mastering engineer with an incredible ear. Storybook is also just breaking ground on a cool new space (which is, at the moment, the basement, but it's seriously transforming).

I've been playing every couple of months, mostly in NJ. I just did a show with my beloved friend Deena Shoshkes and local funsters The Poor Man's Opera at the Wyoming Club, an funky, old-but-still-going-strong tennis club in an old house in Millburn. The twin electric attack of my guitarists, Rich Feridun and John Sharples, nearly knocked the old tennis rackets off the patterned wallpaper! My next gig is 3/11 at Rent Party. If you don't know what that is, it's a food pantry benefit show out here in Maplewood, and it's become a wonderful musical family and a mainstay of the very strong music scene out here.

The best way to keep abreast of my shows is via FB or to write to me at the address below and ask to be on the good old-fashioned email list.

P.S., I'd also like to let you know about 2 other cool performance series out here in convenient and cool Essex County, NJ: The Saturday Afternoon Song Swap (going on for 9 years now!), which I run with the amazing Deena Shoshkes, and the relatively new Banjo Lisa's House Concerts, run by the stellar former proprietress of Banjo Jim's, my favorite East Village hangout.

So, there's a decent amount going on! To get in touch, email

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